Non-standard sizes

Brenda’s aims to ensure all children can get the sizes they need in their school’s uniform.

We will always implore parents to come to us at the earliest opportunity if they think they will require sizes not ‘off the shelf.’

This includes but isn’t limited to, narrow or larger waist sizes, very short or very long lengths, very small or very large chest sizes, including sleeve lengths, or limbs of varying length.

In the first instance we would request that you come into the shop, so that we can gauge sizing required and check suppliers ranges. Sometimes fringe sizes to a supplier’s range have less stock available, so often need to move more quickly. If it is to be a bespoke item then this can add significant lead time.

If in the past you have purchased a non-stock size from us for your child’s uniform, and you wish to purchase either the same size again or the next size up then these items are deemed non-refundable, as they are classed as a specially made or sourced item.

If you wish to order online and you request for either the same size or a larger size be added to a website item so that you may order, these items fall outside of the distance selling regulations as they would be classed as a non standard product stock line and a customised order. It is for this reason we encourage you to come into the shop if your requirements fall into any of the above guidance.