CUT-OFF DATE 2024 Please note our 2024 cut-off date of Wednesday 14th August to purchase your logo'd school uniform. You can continue to purchase in store or order online after this date but we cannot guarantee stock availability. We will always endeavour to hold the stock you need right up until the end of Summer but would implore everyone to plan early to avoid any potential disappointment. Thank you for your support and understanding

Sizing Guidance

If you are replacing items your child has grown out of -

check to see what size those items are and order the next size up.

If you are ordering an item for the first time -

  • Where possible, use the age suggestions to help you
  • If your child is age 11 and you know they are small for their age order a 9/10
  • If they are large for their age, order an age 13
  • Although all manufacturers are different, looking at the labels in your child's casual clothes may be of help

Chest measurements

If a garment is sized in chest measurements this is usually a ‘to fit’ measurement. In other words, this is not the size the garment measures but the size your child measures.

Have a look at the size specs links on our product pages

These are garment specifications and size charts supplied by the manufacturers. Some of these will tell you what size you need for a specific measurement, others may tell you to measure and compare actual sizes i.e. collar, chest, waist etc.

Ask a friend

It may also be helpful if you have friends who currently have children at the school and looking at their sizes?

Imperial or Metric?

Despite metric being widespread a lot of clothing in the UK still utilises Imperial measurements of inches/feet. 

Collar sizes, chest sizes, waist sizes and leg lengths/skirt drops are nearly always in inches.

My child's uniform needs adjustments or alterations

You can download a list of local tailors and seamstresses here