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Brenda's Put by Scheme



Aside from our Deposit Scheme Brenda's also operates a put by scheme aimed to make your uniform purchase easier to manage.

All you need to do is come into store either at the end of the summer term or very early school holidays and choose the items you require. A customer account is set up on our till system with your details on and your items are sold to this account to give you a total amount. You can then pay for the uniform in installments as and when you can. The uniform is kept at the shop until the final installment is paid and then you can take it home!

We would ask for an initial payment of at least £20.00 towards your put by uniform but after that we're happy to take amounts from £5.00 upwards to deduct from your total.

No credit is given and the goods remain with us until fully paid for. Your statutory rights remain unchanged.